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Music can be submitted as an audio recording,

manuscripts, or even a video!  The above excerpt was transcribed from a blurry photo of a Scott Joplin manuscript (below).

I have been transcribing music for as long as I've played it.  Pairing my sense of "absolute pitch" with a strong grounding in music theory and engraving conventions, I produce sheet music of unparalleled quality.

This music is typeset using your choice of music font (see the Engraving page for numerous options). While the majority of my transcription work is for solo piano, projects including all instrumentations and varieties are welcomed!

Pricing varies from project-to-project, but I strive to offer the most competitive rates and most accurate transcriptions on the market. I can negotiate rates based on your budget.

Hire me!

To get a quote and hire me, use the Contact page of this site.

Accuracy Test

Transcription is a meticulous business, and any discerning client will want their music to be as accurate as possible.  Here's a demonstration of my ability.  The first clip below is of a record from the 1930s.  The second clip is computer-generated audio of my transcription.
the original record
Max's transcription

Example Scores

As recorded by 

"Jelly Roll" Morton in 1938.

Piano improvisation by Gabriela Montero.  Transcribed from a YouTube video.

A pop song transcribed 

from a YouTube video.  

(Adapted for piano-vocal)

As improvised by Keith Jarrett.
Transcribed from a live record.